Dan Echegoyen, Author

The Structure of Existence


This book is a treatise on the nature of reality.

The book is dense with information that may seem a lot of work to read, but the rewards in insight are great.

For a quickie ;-), read the one-page, "Black Holes explained."

What, for example, opens up for you?

Feedback on content is appreciated.

The book is only about a hundred pages. Save it. Print it out. Tell your friends.

Structure of Existence in PDF format

(Note: The phone number in the .pdf is incorrect; the correct number to reach me is: 951-204-0201)

This book is the ongoing result of twenty years of realization. My goal is to describe what I have come to see to all of mankind. I am giving it away. If it does something for you, I'd love a donation. If you bought this book in hardback, you might pay $30.00. If this book has value to you, a couple of bucks would be greatly appreciated. If you really like the book, you could give more.

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